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The Generosity of a Stranger, Part 2

There were probably only 5 shopping days left until Christmas.  I had stopped into the local Paul's Ace Hardware store to purchase a few items.  As I was walking out to my truck--the one with magnetic signs for Bob's Free Bikes on each side and tailgate--I noticed a lady in an older-model car pull into the parking spot on the passenger side of my truck.  Wanting to give her plenty of room to get out of her car, I opened the driver side of my truck and loaded my purchases.  I then got in my truck, put on my seat belt, plugged in my iPod and reached for the ignition.  But sensing a presence to my left, I turned and saw the lady from the car standing next to my driver's side window.  I rolled down the window and greeted her.  She pointed to one of the magnetic signs and inquired "Do you give bikes to children?"  I said yes and told her a little about the mission of Bob's Free Bikes.  She said "I'd like to make a donation."  As she was opening her purse, I figured she would give me $5, maybe $10, no more than $20.  I was astounded when she pulled a $50 bill out of her billfold and handed it to me.  I thanked her, wished her a Merry Christmas and watched as she walked into the store.

Once again I reminded myself never to judge a book by its cover.  Maybe someday I will actually learn that lesson...

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