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Bob's Free Bikes started in 2016 with an idea in a garage located Fountain Hills, AZ.  By August of that year, the idea had gelled into a 501C3 nonprofit organization.

For the first full year of operation, 2017, Bob's gave 110 bikes to children and quickly outgrew the garage.  The operation relocated to a small warehouse where they refurbished and gave away 475 bikes for 2018.

In 2019, finding themselves in need of more space and the desire of air conditioning, the team moved the operation to their present location, the Biz Hub, a business incubator located in the former Four Peaks Elementary School.  They occupied three classrooms and provided 720 bikes that year.

Demand for their services has continued to grow.  By the end of the stay at Four Peaks , Bob's occupied ten classrooms and maintains an inventory of 400+ bikes in the process of refurbishment.  For 2020, 710 bikes found new homes.  By year end 2021, the total jumped to 800 bikes.  For 2022, it  was 1085 and 2023, 1158 bikes. 


Big chances are happening this year.  The Four Peaks school is to be sold at some point so we have relocated to a smaller commercial spot, still within Fountain Hills.  Through careful planning and revising our methods of operation, we are confidant that we can service the community in the same capacity as before.

Bob's success would not be possible if it weren't for the support of our partners, sponsors and the community at large.  Since it's inception in 2016, 100% of the staff consists of unpaid volunteers.  These volunteers donate their time and energy repairing bikes, making deliveries and pickups, participating in community events, etc.

To all of you, we offer our heart felt thanks!

Bob Mandel - Founder


Following more than 40 years with Make-A-Wish, Special Olympics, Feed the Children, etc., he founded Bob's Free Bikes and continued to fulfill his passion for giving to children.  His contagious passion gave each volunteer reason to want to be a part of this cause and continue his legacy.

Mission Statement


To provide a bike for any child, 18 years old and younger, in the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area who would otherwise not be able to have one. Children should experience the responsibility, excitement and freedom that comes with owning a bike.

To collect unwanted bicycles, repair them and re-cycle them back to children in the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.



Our goal is to help as many children as possible in the greater Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area.  That's why we partner with established non-profits in the area that are already assisting families.

To the families and the children we serve, a bicycle represents more than a mechanical object.  Bikes create magic and supply life with thrills, excitement and adventure.  If you know a child in our service area who wants to experience those things, request a bike for that child Today!

Our Team

Brian Martin - Board Chairman and Bike Mechanic

Robyn Heimbuch - Board Treasurer and Community Outreach Volunteer

Jay Turberville - Board Secretary and Bike Mechanic

Bruce N_edited.jpg

Bruce Nagel - Board Member and Bike Mechanic

Walter Heimbuch - Board Member and Bike Mechanic

Mark Jordan - Operations Manager and Bike Mechanic

Chuck Peterson - Legal Advisor and Bike Mechanic

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