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A (Pre)-Delivery Story

This is a slightly different kind of “delivery” story.

There must be a rumor floating around “out there” that Bob’s Free Bikes is running low on bike inventory (we aren’t).  Because there is no other reason I can think of for what happened to Terry one day.

A new nomination form came into Bob’s Fee Bikes.  As Terry was scanning the form, he noticed that the age indicated on the form was zero.  Needing the age of the child to select a proper bike for the child, Terry called the nominator.  When he inquired about the age of zero on the form, the nominator told him that her child had not been born yet—but she was pregnant.  Terry politely recommended that she re-submit a request when the child was around four or five.

We have received requests for one- and two-year-olds before, but this lady now holds the record for earliest nomination.  But I have to give her credit—she is certainly planning ahead for her child!

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