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Another Lesson In Manners

Writing a thank-you note after receiving a gift is a lost art these days.  But not for one family I visited recently.

I drove to a home in Phoenix and walked each of the three bikes I had up to the front porch.  I rang the doorbell and stood back.  After a few moments a man, I presume the father of the children who were getting the bikes, answered the door.  I let him know here were the bikes he had requested and started walking back to my truck.  About halfway to the truck I thought I heard someone speaking to me.  Turning around, each of his three children walked up to me and handed me a hand-lettered thank-you, obviously written before they even saw the bikes.  Here is what each note said:

Dear Bob's Bikes,

Thank you for our new bikes and delivering them.  We will enjoy riding them.


Age 11


Thank you Bob's Bikes.  Me and my brothers always enjoy going outside and riding our bikes together.  We will for sure use them even in this dry heat.  We really appreciate what your doing.  Keep doing what your doing for the children.


Age 14

Dear Bob's Bikes,

Thank you for giving me a free bike.  I really appreciate it.  Thank you so much.  I will really enjoy using the bike and will have lots of fun on the bike.


Age 9

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